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Boutique Crawl

October 9-14

Fargo Fashion Week Boutique Crawl Stamp Card

Explore Fashionable Locations: Embark on a stylish crawl with Fargo Fashion Week to explore the city's fashionable boutiques. Our boutique crawl promises a fun experience. You’ll have the opportunity to visit participating locations that include the best local boutiques and businesses. Ready to discover new trends and styles? Let's begin!

Show and Stamp: At each location, show the digital stamp card on your phone to the friendly staff. They'll be delighted to stamp your card, marking your visit to their establishment. They will do this by providing you with a secret code to unlock your stamp.

Collect Your Stamps: Watch as your digital stamp card fills up with stamps from each location you visit. You'll be one step closer to earning your fabulous prize!

Unlock Fashion Rewards: Once you've gathered all the stamps on your card, it's time to claim your well-deserved prize! Your stylish journey through Fargo Fashion Week has led you to this moment, where fashion and rewards intersect.  


? What's at the End of the Runway? Completing your Fargo Fashion Week Digital Stamp Card isn't just about the satisfaction of visiting the hottest fashion spots in town. It's also about unlocking exciting prizes and rewards that await you at the finish line. These prizes could range from exclusive discounts, fashion-forward goodies, or even a chance to attend one of Fargo Fashion Week's spectacular events.  When your card is full, you'll be entered to win a $1000 shopping spree from the participating businesses!

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